Hi! I'm Lacey, or as my two year old calls me "Hey mama hey!" Living in Orange County, though I feel I belong somewhere in the beautiful open country. Working for a family business while also taking care of my little man, Dean. I'm an old married women, 26 going on 75.

I love making things. It started out with baking, then moved on to home decor, now I have been learning to sew, crochet and work with clothing. I'm a shopaholic and it doesn't matter where or what it is, I love to shop! Also exploring thrift stores, spray painting everything I own and dreaming of a new kitchen are some favorite past times.

There really isn't much else to say here! My days are pretty routine with work, Mickey Mouse and playing with cars. During the weekends we take on any adventure we can find, unless of course were watching Netflix. I'm happy with my life and what I do. =)