Hey everyone! I'm Kristen. I'm a 22 year old college student living in what I like to call a "garando" (a garage turned condo) at my parents house in Southern California.

 I'm going to school for nursing, that is if they ever decide to accept me into the program! : ) I really don't do much these days except for go to school and work. I work at a crepe and ice cream restaurant...but lets just call it a crepe restaurant cause really, who wants to be considered an ice cream man? - Not me! Lately, I've been on a healthy gym kick (going on three days now) so when I have the night off of work I've been trying to work out and get fit for the summer.
My boyfriend Nick and I have been traveling the world (mostly just the US haha) the past two years so now I have become addicted to going on vacation every single summer. So far our big vacations together have been Alaska, and the Caribbean..this summer we will be going to New York and Canada.

Besides that, I'm just an average girl who has a huge passion for food (eating it, not cooking it ), shopping, and playing Just Dance on my Wii!