Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Story About Toilets

The other night I am sitting in my room minding my own business when I started hearing some odd noises coming from the bathroom.  It sounded like someone was really moving around in there, so I thought to my self, just ignore it, because you are normally so nosey.

I ignored the sounds until I hear my name being called!
So I run to the bathroom to see that the toilet has over flowed!  Luckily it had been turned off and was no longer overflowing but there was a lot of "gross" water all over the floor.  My first question was, what happened?, which is kinda stupid because its clear that I can see what happened, but I guess I wanted some sort of explanation that I never got, lol!

Any how we started mopping up the mess and got everything all cleaned up, but for some reason about half way through the cleaning I had to stop and really laugh because it is just too funny to see a grown man  realize he finally needs help after about 10 minutes of banging around trying to solve the problem on his own.

Pardon my language but I finally had to say, "oh well SH*T HAPPENS!"