Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am getting married!
Woo hoo
October 1st I will be getting married.

I have decided to have a 1950's themed wedding with a modern twist.
I will be wearing a cute tea length dress similar to this style.

We have decided to have mainly white on the table with a pop of color from a cute napkin holder.
Instead of the light pink I think we will have some dark pink and some teal.

I love this mirror, it is raised up with a ribbon around it.
I found it on the Martha Stewart site.
I think the ribbon color should be Silver, teal, or pink.

I am thinking my wedding colors will be teal, dark pink, a little red, white, silver, and maybe some light pink.

I love the idea of a candy table.
I am not sure if it will work but I think it looks so super cute.

For the bouquet, instead of real flowers I think we will be making a broach bouquet.
That way it is original and I can keep it after the wedding.

And of course I think the floor should be checkers, that way it will really look 50's

All of the pictures above can be found with there links on my pinterest.

Happy Weekend!



amandafjastad said...

Love, love, love!! I know I keep offering stuff but.... I have cute teal and clear glass tealight candle holders... Like a whole box of them! I cant wait for you to get your booty back home! Girlz trip to san diego again! Whoo hoo!

beeswax said...

Amanda, hold on to offerings, when she gets here we will have a decorations gathering and you gals can figure it all out. Those candle holders sound perfect.

Girls weekend in San Diego, September 24th, mark your calendars, the guys can go fishing that weekend with Carl!

The Mother-in-Law-2B
(I like that new title)

Shalyn said...

Congrats on your engagement!!! I'm friends with Lacey and read this blog often! I love all your ideas and stumbled across this blog last week and her wedding was vintage so I thought you might enjoy it and look at her personal blog A Beautiful Mess and she has wedding DIY :)

Laura said...

How cute! Congratulations on the engagement and you're going to have the most fun wedding.