Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planning the Wedding!

Posting about the wedding again!
It is hard not to think about anything accept the wedding, and all the planning...well maybe my move back to CA from NZ.
So 2 things I am constantly thinking about!
I love these colors and the check floor

Again these colors are fun

I love this idea of the record and wild flowers

We will have a pop of color like the place mats

Candy table idea!

This would be a cute invite!

The guests have to dress 50's inspired, if they want!

Coke bottles for vases

My pinterest has most of these links.
I don't have all of them because a lot of the pictures have been sent to me by friends.


The Zoomy's... said...

Awww, if we ever get married (been engaged for over 4years so not holding my breath!!) you can be our wedding planner!!! We will have to send a big box of all that cool 50's stuff back here to NZ, or I guess we could just get hitched in the USA?? (thought about it in Vegas, but just for a minute!!).

Shannon I LOVE all your ideas!!

Take care

Life After Marriage said...

its lookin good!! such cute ideas. the coke bottles are my fave! i actually gave those out as favors at my wedding, i wish i would have saved the bottles!!! the records are super cute too..have you seen the record bowls you can make with records? they'd be really cute on the candy table and they are REALLY easy to make! im getting so excited for you!