Friday, July 8, 2011

lace skirt refashion

I got this Banana Republic lace skirt at Salvation Army for $2. It has been sitting around here for a few months as I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Then finally when I tried on my blue dress on 4th of July I got the perfect idea.
My blue dress is pretty short and I have seen on lots of girls wearing a lengthening slip. So I went ahead and cut the bottom off and sewed it to a cheapy walmart slip-
Fits perfect and looks cuter!

Sorry for another faceless post but I do my sewing on random days when the hubby takes the little one out of the house. So I am in my pjs and then just throw this on for a quick pic =D


Laura said...

I am super impressed. Wear it with pride - you created that outfit for real!

Anna said...

You girls are so creative and talented! I love it, so cute!

beeswax said...

I love it. I should do something like that for my new black dress. and some for the top area.
So cute lacey.

The Zoomy's... said...

Lacey that looks fantastic... SUPER cute!!
I have an ever growing pile of things to refashion I just wish I could find time to do it!!!

Love your crafty posts!!

Take care

BluBabesCreate said...

Love the lace! Great refashion. Come see some rosettes and a Shabby Apple inspired dress.

The Sugar Mountain said...

I do that ALLLLL the time!! And, it's always a white skirt I tuck under dresses letting the hem hang out. Fabulous look! I'm following with gfc


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Life as Leah said...

love this! what a great idea! And I feel you...I have to plan pictures for my blog around days that I actually put on makeup or do something with my hair...or yes, the face gets cropped out, lol!