Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't Do This on an Interview

We are interviewing people for a few jobs at work and I have seen a lot of crazy stuff so far.
Here is a list of what NOT to do in case you didn't already know this!

1 Don’t bring your dog, and leave it in the car barking...we can hear it!

2 Don’t come into the interview looking like you just had sex in the back of your car...DUH!

3 Don’t only check out what you look like in the front... we can see your un-tucked shirt in the back

4 Don’t have tooth paste or some sort of white stuff on your face

5 Don’t call the company before applying and insist that you need to know more about the job even after I tell you that I can not give you more information and to apply through the ad.

6 Don’t call and ask for the HR persons name and when I spell it out you can not get the spelling right 3 times, and you are applying for the reception position.

7 Don’t arrive 30 minutes late

8 Don’t call to say you are running late

9 Don’t be late

10 Don’t ignore the receptionist, everyone matters

Those poor people didn't see it coming!

1 comment:

Lacey said...

oh my gosh, I can't believe how dumb people are! How embarrassing