Friday, June 10, 2011

My Week

My week in a nutshell, with a few pictures sprinkled on the top:
  • Monday = Holiday
  • Tuesday
    • Work
    • Mailing in our immigration papers
    • Going out to dinner with Grant's dad to a quiz night
      • A quiz night takes place in a pub
      • You have teams and answer questions, turning them in at the end of each round
      • We didn't come in last! Yay!
  • Wednesday = We were contacted by the immigration for an interview appointment
  • Thursday = We went to the immigration interview and it went well
    • From the interview I went to work
    • When I got home I decided to make banana bread
    • The oven broke half way through with the coil falling in the bread!
    • We went to Grant's dads house to exchange cars
  • Friday = Waking up early to drop off Grant's car to get fixed
    • Went to work
    • On my drive home my finger nail fell off!
      • I smashed it in a car door a few months back
    • When home I started a fire because it is freezing
      • Fires take me a while to start but really get going
    • I made tacos for dinner
    • We heard the rat again so obviously we still have a rat in the ceiling !

I would say it has been a good week =)



beeswax said...

Nasty on the Nail. Busy week you had. Can I have a chip?

Lacey said...

Yeah that nail better grow back soon, cuz it is grossing me out ahha. I dunno why I thought the coil falling into the banana bread was so funny, even though I would have been super pissed if that was me!