Saturday, May 14, 2011


I think my favorite type of shopping just might be thrift store shopping. Forrest Gump's famous line applies perfectly when walking into a thrift store.

I live very close to a Salvation Army and I go about once a week on Friday or Saturday for 50% off day. I used to have a one track mind when walking in and go straight to the furniture, check out the random stuff which they call bric-a-bracs, then I was out. Now I go for at least an hour looking at everything, especially clothes when my previous thoughts were, ewsicknever!

Here are some of my favorite skirts I have bought. I never care about the size of a skirt because they are super easy to sew to size, just don't buy too small - duh. All of these were $2 each.

I love my handbags. The pink one claims its Marc Jacobs, I don't know how to tell but it's cute so I don't care.

Found these for a buck, hope they're good!

I nearly cried when I left the store without this chair. You know the feeling when you find something and get excited like, I just found the best deal ever and it makes me feel like I'm high on crack! Ok maybe that's extreme, but I know I get excited haha.
It was in perfect condition, super comfy, great quality and I got the lady to drop the price by half! I thought of my house and what I could throw away to make room for it. The crazy shopper me would normally just buy it, surprise the hubby, then argue about how it wont fit anywhere. But sadly even I knew it wouldn't fit, so we parted ways. But at least I still have this picture.... I think I might be insane.



Laura said...

I, too, love thrift store shopping! Just this week I found two pairs of never been worn capris, two skirts and a dress. I am so ready for summer.

Shannon Olson said...

Lacey, I love all the skirts so cute! You should have got that couch for me for when I move there. You can help me decorate my house when we move! I can't wait!

Dawn said...

time travelers wife is amazing. I cried. beware.

Candace Stevenson said...

ohmygosh I LOVE thrifting. oh soo much

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