Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yippee! I finally found a maxi skirt/ dress. I think its supposed to reach the floor as a dress on most people, but it doesnt on me. I figured I can wear it as a really long skirt..and as a below the knee dress. It's Calvin Klein and I got it at Marshall's today.

Don't mind the pictures, its really hard to take a good picture of yourself.


Lacey said...

Cute dress/skirt! I'm wearing the black one we bought right now, it's so comfy I feel like I'm in my pjs

beeswax said...

Kristen, that's really cute on you. Lacey should put up her picture also.

Shannon Olson said...

Kristen I love the dress! so Cute!
I miss summer =(

The Zoomy's... said...

Hey Kristen,

Both ways look super!!!
You look so much like Lacey in the 2nd photo!! I've never seen that before. A maxi dress/skirt is one of the most comfy-est-forgiving-est things in the world!!

Maybe we might be lucky enough to meet you too!!!

Maybe see ya soon...
Mel (& the troops)

kristenfjastad said...

hey Mel!
thanks! im hoping i get to meet you guys too! when will you be here? ill have to request the day off of work so i can hang out with all of you :)

The Zoomy's... said...

Hey Kristen,

We're in Salton City tonight. Can't wait to check all the dead fish and decaying stuff in the morning!! We're heading to LA tomorrow. You don't need to take a day off work but it would be super to hang out huh?? I'll have a chat with the other ladies and we'll make a plan =0)

Catch you soon!!