Friday, May 6, 2011

Maxi Dress

Is it just me or does everyone know what a Maxi Dress is?
About a month ago I noticed everyone talking about maxi dresses.  I starting thinking is every floor length dress that all the fashionistas are wearing made by some company called Maxi, that I don't know about?

Well I have officially just googled "What is a Maxi Dress?" and the answer is:

"A Maxi Dress is an informal or formal lengthy dress worn by women. Maxi Dresses have hundreds of different designs, some for older ladies, and some are fashionable for the younger teens or young women. They can come in tartan, stripes, polka dots, floral patterns, solid colours and many more. Many celebrities, like Blake Lively and Nicole Richie wear Maxi Dresses to the red carpet.
In 2010 the Maxi Dress was very popular, they were seen almost everywhere across the United Kingdom and United States of America on women. Only recently did they become big in teens and young women"

Now I know what a Maxi dress is and it turns out that I own one and didn't even know it!
Here I am 2009 wearing my Maxi dress!
I am cool and didn't even know it.

Also does anyone else hear the word Maxi and think Maxi Pad, or is that just me?
Happy Weekend



Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Back in my day...we just called them long dresses...The verbage doesn't matter.

But I did see a few cute ones at Forever 21. Even though I'm 31.

beeswax said...

When I was young, about 40 years ago, we called them "Granny Gowns". I had one that was really straight around the ankles and one day I tried to kick a guy in school, and it threw me right on my butt.

beeswax said...
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Laura said...

I'm not too into fashion, but when I first read the title to this post I thought of a dress that covers your maxi pad well! I guess it makes me think of a maxi pad, too!