Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decorating Ideas

I am so excited about moving back to CA from New Zealand that I thought I would get way ahead of myself and look at ideas of how I might want to decorate my future house ahhahahahha!
Here are a few designs that I like that I saw on the Ikea website

Possible living room designs
(might be too white considering Grant makes lots of spills)

( greys, whites, and light browns, Love it)

(A little darker than the above ideas)
I guess my ideal room would be a combination of the 3.

Possible Bedroom ideas: 
(I have a feeling Grant would not go for the chandelier, but that might just be too bad) 
(this look is very simple and again I think I would like a combo of both pictures)

All pictures found on Ikea

So that is me thinking ahead... Way ahead!
Happy Hump Day


The Zoomy's... said...

Haha, definately nothing wrong with thinking ahead!!

IKEA... I'm very jealous!!!

Take care

Holly said...

Great blog, come visit me if you'd like!