Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In about two months I will be cruising through Canada and New England. I've decided I need some new stuff to enjoy the ride with me. Since it will be mid June through early July, it will be pretty hot, and probably humid too. Here are a few things I found I just have to have while browsing the world wide web.

I LOVE this bag! I have a horrible purse obsession. I need this. It's just perfect! It has the cutest design on the front, a long strap to hang from my shoulder, and its big enough to put all kinds of stuff in for the plane ride. (I don't really want this just for the cruise, I just WANT it in general.)
I've wanted a maxi dress forever, I found this on ASOS but I would never order it without trying it on because I'm 5'10" and it would probably reach my cankles, and that would not be cute.
There are formal dinners on the ship on our nights at sea, so I thought this dress would be perfect for that. Cute, light and summery!

I also liked the color and fit of this for a formal night.
And every cruise needs a cute bathing suit. This one is from victoria secret.
Of course I didn't order any of this because obviously everything I want is too expensive, and I will never look like that girl in a bathing suit.

Hope you had a great Easter!
-Kristen :)


Shannon Olson said...

Kristen, you are so lucky going on another vacation! I also wish I looked like the girl in the bathing suit hahahhaha

Lacey said...

Why don't you put a huge suitcase on your list and shove me in it, I wanna go! That purse you found is SOOOO cute!! Buy me one =D