Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick update

I have been missing and it's for good reasons. My house is taking up all my spare time.

We still have no kitchen, not even gonna get into that whole mess. Let's just say I'm not happy right now!

We got our plumbing problem fixed but still need to fix the busted wax ring in our toilet.

Our water heater took a dump on us. More than 5 days without hot water and not even a damn stove to heat some up myself. Cold showers are painful and make my head hurt.

I finally just got to take a hot shower so I'm like 25% happier now.

Hopefully I have something good going on by the weekend and will get to post some new kitchen pictures!

To sum up my week, I felt like this haha


1 comment:

Shannon Olson said...

Ok Now I feel bad that I have been bothering you! but I want to hear the excuses of the other 2 cousins ahhahahha
Hope it gets better soon! hang in there=)