Tuesday, April 12, 2011


OK it's been awhile, sorry again!  So this story is kind of old but still pretty funny.

At Ryder's school they were having a little St. Patrick's day party and he wanted us to sign up to bring jello.
It's just jello, that's pretty easy right? Hahaha well if your me everything is harder than it seems.

I had a great idea, jello jigglers in the shape of shamrocks! Cool! So I went down to party city and got the cookie cutters, which were perfect. I picked up a couple of cookie sheets while I was there to pour the mix into because I didn't have anything big enough at home to make 24 of these things. A cookie sheet seemed perfect because it was smooth on the bottom.

Then I was off to the store to buy 6 boxes of green jello!  We made the jiggler mix and that's when everything stopped going smoothly... The cookie sheets were too weak and were bending as I tried to pick them up to put them in the fridge.

Before I could put the cookie sheet back down a tidal wave of hot green jello took over my kitchen!!  The jello went everywhere and unfortunately the refrigerator door was still open and it got into every drawer and shelf including a lot of the food!!  So I scrubbed the floor about 5 times and it was still sticky!! Then I headed back to the store, this time I had to buy 12 boxes of jello the first 6 weren't going to be enough even if it had worked the first time!  I still needed something to put the mix into... Roasting pans!!  They were perfectly deep enough to not spill.  They had weird raised sections on the bottom but i worked through that and finally.... Shamrock Jigglers!! 

Whew glad that is over, I'm still finding jello spots though!


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BigBearswife said...

those are great! I've never had luck with jigglers! I can't ever get the jello to not fall apart when I cut it with cookie cutters! Love the shamrocks