Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I give up!

I've seen tutorials on a couple of blogs how to make a simple pencil skirt. I got pretty bored yesterday after work and decided I would give it a try. I went to the fabric store just down the street and tried to find some nice stretchy material. I found this really pretty coral color and found a really pretty piece of lace that was the same color as the other fabric. My plan was to make the skirt and then put the lace on the outside of the skirt so you could see the fabric through the lace. I bought 2 1/2 yards total and thought that would be perfect incase I mess up the first time around.

I have no patience for anything, so instead of measuring my body like I was SUPPOSED to and SHOULD have, I thought I'd just take a skirt of mine that already fit good and trace that. So I cut it out and started sewing. Half way through the bobbin thread ran out and it took me about a good half hour youtubing videos on how to change that crap out before I could finish sewing.

After I got that done, I finished the skirt and went to try it on. Lo and behold the gosh darn thing wouldnt fit over my big ol' butt and hips!!!! Pissed off, I started over.

I measured myself and cut out the fabric. I sewed it, tried it on, and it barely fit- which was fine because once I got it over my love handles it fit on my waist perfectly. So to add the final touch I wanted to lay the lace over the skirt and sew that on as an outer layer of the skirt.

Once I finished the lace I tried it on. IT DIDN'T FIT ANYMORE. I wanted to die!!!!! I didn't realize until I was finished that the lace wasn't going to stretch over my hips. I have now learned to never waste your money on fabric to try and make yourself something useful when you can just buy it for less at forever21.

I threw everything away.



Shannon Olson said...

Kristen you have no idea how many projects I have thrown into the trash hahahaha most of the time they don't work out, and it sucks!
Even now I have 2 decor projects that are in the garage waiting to be thrown out!

Lacey said...

Aawww that sucks! You should have kept the fabric though! Even with a pattern its hard, my first minnie skirt couldn't go over my thighs haha