Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Our group trying to dance at the Stevie Nicks concert, one person got a cup thrown at him, and Kristen got flipped off.- Lacey

Accusing Grant of throwing a cookie across the kitchen, but finding out it was a rat!- Shannon

Not having a toilet because of a leak, and when someone came over I offered my shower for them to pee in!! It's the best I could do. - Lacey

Downloading Hanson's mmmmmbop today, I think it's awesome but I'm sure it's most likely awkward.- Lacey

Having a weird habit of pointing everything out, someone gets a hair cut at work I say You got a hair cut really loud, Yesterday one of the service guys at work was wearing long pants instead of shorts and I loudly say hey your wearing pants! Someone stop me! - Shannon

Digging in the trash at the crowded entrance of the concert since the hubby threw his ticket away by accident. - Lacey

Getting all ready to go out for dinner and drinks, then get in a stupid argument and end up not going out and sitting typing this in my dressed up clothes ( I wasn't that dressed up and we both decided going out was too much work anyways) - Shannon

awesome -
A four day weekend that involves lots of chocolate because its Easter. -Shannon
Kristen and I screaming every scream, in perfect unison while riding roller coasters. -Lacey

Organizing a birthday gathering for my boyfriend and having everyone show up - Shannon

Baking cookies with my little man, Dean. - Lacey

Going to a concert with my crazy family and poppin bottles in the back seat. - Lacey

Buying a huge bag full of cute clothes (10 things!!) for $24 bucks. I'm officially addicted to 50% off day at the thrift store. Hurry up Friday. - Lacey

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The Zoomy's... said...

Ummm... Mmmmmmbop, definately awkward (I'm singin' it in my head right now tho!!)

Awesome - easter baskets in the USA!!!

We're having a blast and heading your way!!!

Rachel said...

ha! digging through the trash for a ticket.. classic. I guess he found it? lol