Friday, March 11, 2011


I haven't been out shopping much lately because of all this house remodeling going on. Besides Vegas of course, that was just a trip of shop all day and gamble all night. - Sorry you had a stressful day of shopping
But I do have time to do plenty of Internet shopping. One of my favorites is Groupon! I have bought magazine subscriptions, food gift certificates, massages, this blurb book and more.
I LOVE the way my book turned out! I don't have time to scrapbook right now so I uploaded my blog, did lots of editing and have all those memories from before Dean was born up to now!

This is the back - you can do SO much with their program.
Another great daily deal site is That is where I got this necklace for half off

Here is the website of who makes this, along with tons of other cute stuff!

Then I ordered this case for my Nook Color ereader. The price is great compared to what they sell at Barnes and Noble and way cuter than their plain jane stuff! Before I got it I would wrap my poor Nook in a tshirt or whatever was on the floor hahah

The inside is just as cute! This is the Etsy shop I got it from

Last is this big ol' bag of my drug of choice. I will just leave it at that!


Shannon Olson said...

I Miss Forever 21 sooo much =)

Lacey said...

Good when you move here I'll take you! The stores are enormous now though, they moved into some old Mervyn's stores and are 2 stories!

beeswax said...

I need to have bags made for me.
F O R E V E R 55