Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last Days of Remixing

A few weeks ago I finally finished the 30 for 30 Remix!
These are my last 4 days of remixing.
By the last ten or so days I found myself becoming much more creative on what I was mixing together.

Time for Awkward and Awesome
  • Wearing pants that are too short when you sit down, therefore your socks end up showing.
  • Pulling on the wrong door at a cafe, you know the one that is locked.
  • Driving to see the sunset only you are too late and the sun has set before you get to see it.
  • Finding you have run out of trash bags on the morning of Trash Day
  • Going out for st. Patty's day and realizing the line is so long you will never get in, so you go home
  • Happy you didn't get in the bar on st. Patty's day after all because there was no hang over at work
  • Getting my passport back from immigration with a resident visa for NZ
  • Managing my time better so I can fit in some exercise after work (2 days so far, is nothing to brag about)
  • Getting home right before a major storm hit so I didn't have to run to my car in the rain


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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Wow, fitting in two days of exercise is something to brag about. I can't seem to fit any time into my days.