Friday, March 4, 2011


I'll admit it here:

I love purses! Seriously. LOVE. If I had all the money in the world to buy all of my favorite purses..I'd be one happy bag-lady.
If I could choose between buying clothes or handbags..I'm pretty sure my closet would be floor to ceiling full of bags. I would store my handbags in a bigger handbag!
Since I have this addiction that I can't afford, I end up browsing websites so I can admire all of these pretty pieces and wish they were mine.
I thought I'd share some of my favorites I've seen lately. I'm pretty picky when it comes to buying a bag. I have to be able to put it on my shoulder without my elbow getting in the way, and it has to have some kind of pocket on the outside so I can easily store and find my keys when needed.

Here are some of my current favorites:

If you click on the picture it should link you back to the website. If not, all of these bags are from I'm not sure if I linked the pictures correctly or not. There are SOO many more on there that I want, but I don't have time to post anymore right now. Enjoy! =)



beeswax said...

Funny! As I started to read this post, I didn't know which one of you girls was writing. I started thinking it was Lacey at first. Then when I read you would put handbags inside bigger handbags, I knew it was Shannon, because that's what she did when she lived at home. I got to the bottom and saw it was Kristen!!??!! I can tell you girls are all related, you're all bag-ladies.
Love you ALL!

Shannon Olson said...

Kristen that is so funny I am not surprised my mom thought that was me writing because I hate when I get a bag and my elbow hits the bag and you can't get it on your arm with one hand! Crazy we really are alike hahhahaha I store all my hang bags in eachother hahhaha

The Zoomy's... said...

Great trick!! I never thought of storing (or hiding) them inside each other!! I have been trying really hard to get away from the baby bag, and have been looking for a good 'big' shopper with lots of pockets to take on our upcoming trip. I have ended up with another baby back pack!! I intend to buy a bag for me on holiday!!

Haha I thought it sounded a little Shannon too...