Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Droppin the hammer

We have been smashing walls around here. Since I've been too busy for anything else this is all I have to post about =)
This is my dining room before

Here is the after. The short piece of wall is going to be a bar type counter.

All our doorways have these drop downs that make everything feel smaller and boxed in. So were busting them out- this wall is behind that blue wall with the mirror in the previous picture. Leads into the laundry room/the back yard.

Another big wall hanger I dunno what you call it

My hubby the termite man discovered Subterranean termites in that wall. All that you see is dirt that they brought up from under the house and they build these mud tubes. They destroyed the entire beam.

This one he tore out today and here is how it looks so far. It's crazy because I never noticed we had such tall ceilings until we did this.

A little three way shot for ya
And the day I have been waiting for for the last 2 years of owning this house. We ordered new kitchen cabinets today! So long metal cabinets, enjoy these last 2 weeks because you're gonna be scraps. Also, the reason why I have 2 ovens is the built in one never worked when we moved in.


Shannon Olson said...

Looks way bigger in your house already. As soon as I saw your signature I thought WHAT! I NEED A SIGNATURE TOOOOO! HHAHAHAHA

the cape on the corner said...

what an amazing transformation already! that's awesome, and i'm super jealous. wish we could do that in my little house. and can't wait to see what your new kitchen will look like, too! great job so far!

Shalyn said...

Looking Good! I can't wait to see it in person when the kitchen is complete :) It opens the house up so much!