Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disneyland, Tsunami, Snow Boarding, Potty Talk, & Sun Burns!

Hey!! Sorry I've been away I had to take a "personal leave" lol.   So I'm going to wrap up what I've been doing the last week or two!!!  First of all about two weeks ago Ryder had a favorite “potty word” that he was using at school.  So to make it really clear to him that he wasn't getting away with that Keith and I decided to go to Disneyland without him!! 

Well we actually went two days without him!  The first day was just Keith and I and the next day we brought our friend Trish.  We did all the cool rides that Ryder's too little for and we saw A Bug's Life 3D show.  We had a lot of fun!! And now Ryder has not used that “potty word” again!!  So it worked!! lol!!

The morning after the Earthquake in Japan the entire west coast was on a tsunami watch.  So Ryder and I left to my dad's shop.  We had to stop and take pictures of the ocean first just incase we didn't get to see it again for a while!  Luckily nothing happened where we live. :)

The Wednesday after the tsunami my long time friend from high school invited me to go snowboarding with her!  Her husband got in free since it was his birthday and she had a buy one get one free coupon for us! We had tons of fun.  I hadn't been snowboarding in about a year or maybe two, I can’t remember.  I fell pretty hard a couple times but after a couple shots of vodka I was right back where I left off!!  Oh but the next 4 days I was paying for it!! It was so warm outside when we went skiing that I was wearing a tank top and got super sunburned!! I'm still peeling... I might be crazy but the next day I thought if I went to the tanning bed I could even it out.  Luckily the lady wouldn't let me tan because I probably would have made it worse.. lol

Ryder is now learning to write the letters A,a and B,b.  He's doing a great job!! Keep up the good work baby! :)


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Lacey said...

Ryder is such a big boy writing his letters! I can't believe you of all people got all sun burned haha.