Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The other day I was driving home when I passed this little (not to mention ghetto) shopping center near my house that consisted of a liquor store and a shop called The Bargain House. I thought, what the heck I have nothing else to do, I'll check it out. I walked in and started digging. The place is tiny. Seriously, like the size of a classroom. I looked around and started checking stuff out and actually found some pretty cool stuff! Everything was SO CHEAP! They had some racks with clothing, and the clothes were actually new, not used! All of the tags said Macys and Nordstroms. I found mens Ugg slippers and even name brand bathing suits! I found this cute dress I'm going to take on my cruise to wear on the formal night. It was only $8!

I have also really been wanting to buy a leather jacket but have been to cheap to fork out 40+ dollars for one. But then I found this cute one at the Bargain House and it fit perfect. I'm super tall and lanky so usually I have a really hard time finding clothes. Pants are always WAY too short ( I have to buy them in "long" and sometimes those aren't even long enough) and the sleeves are always too short on long sleeves too. But this jacket is a small and fits perfect! Got it for $15
I took my coworker with me and she found an Oneil bathing suit and got it for $4. I couldn't believe it! I can't wait to go back =)



Lacey said...

The jacket is cute, I wish mine had a hood! Take me next better!

Modest Fashion Sense said...

Great finds! I am so in love with both of them, especially that jacket! Thanks for posting on Thrifty Thursday!