Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Nail Job

So today I feel like I'm living in an Anjelah Johnson skit!!!  I go to my normal girl who's been doing my nails forever!  I have had a couple pedicures from her and another girl who work there but I'm usually unsatisfied.  So I USUALLY go somewhere else for my pedicures. 

Today I was feeling lazy and there were a lot of girls not working so I agreed to do my toes, with some doubt. So I changed my mind like two times on what color to do my french tips, red then purple and finally a lighter purple.  So the girl whose doing my toes finds colors to match my fingers. Red then a dark purple then problems started!   So the lighter purple must be really hard to figure out. She first brought one that was almost black, way off!  Then shes speaking her Chinese language all upset about the color so I just go with it.  Its pretty ugly tho but whatever.  So she gets the paint on and asks if I want a design I should have went with my gut and said no!  But, I thought maybe a design would help this ugly color out a little!  I told her to do something for Valentines.  So she tells me she'll do a heart with a jewel.  I was thinking okay i can live with that something cute.  Hahahahahaha boy was I wrong!!  She starts painting a heart that looks like a figure 8.  I started laughing to myself because I just knew better.  Then she lines the ENTIRE figure 8/heart with silver rhinestones. By this time she had been trying so hard I felt bad so I just let her do her thing.  All the while I'm laughing to myself and then I realize that I'm not the only one laughing haha my nail lady was laughing too!! Pretty soon ALL the girls that worked there were stopping by for a little laugh it was just bad so I wanted to take a picture of this monstrosity before I get a color change today! 
Click on the picture to see it larger.
Happy Valentines Nail! Amanda


Lacey said...

WTF hahaha. I hope she didnt make you pay for those blingin hearts!

Mel said...

Oh well, at least you can remove it!!
I have the same problem straying from my regular hairstylist... that's a 6 weekfix!! I nearly cry the next day when I go to style it myself, I still give in from time to time, I just NEVER learn.


beeswax said...

Now you'll have to post a picture of the new color, and the hands too. You Funny gurl....

Shannon Olson said...

I laughed so hard when I first read this and saw the picture it really is a weird clump of jewels hahahha