Tuesday, February 22, 2011

V Day Excitement

Hey!!! I'm back!! So I had a long exciting week!! LOL...  So we happened to talk my mom into watching Ryder for valentines day weekend!!  So I drove Ryder up to my moms on Thursday and spent the night.  Ryder was so excited to go to go see Keith especially when he found presents for him for valentines day!
Ryder opening his gifts!
Jack pot =)

So Friday afternoon Keith and me left for our little getaway and drove down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) it was a beautiful day!!  After work on Saturday afternoon we headed down to Dana Point where we had hotel reservations at the Marriott.  Before we checked in we went to taco surf mmmm!!! Had a few margaritas then we were on our way!  It was so cute at the hotel we could see the pool and the ocean.  They had a cute little restaurant downstairs where there was an amazing ocean view!!

Food was sooo yummy and we got hooked up with free breakfast, free dessert with dinner, free champagne and free 30min massage at the hotel spa!!!  After breakfast we took a little walk and saw the harbor, it was beautiful weather!  There were some cute little cabanas in the grass on the lawn overlooking the ocean. It was a nice relaxing weekend and we didn't want to leave!!  But we had to so, Sunday evening we drove back to my moms house to get my car and Ryder.

Nice sunset!!  When we went back to my moms Ryder sounded a little raspy poor guy. We wanted to do something on Monday night with Ryder so we went miniature golfing!  Ryder did pretty good I think hes a natural. :) Me and Ryder came home on Monday night but I left my phone charger at my moms!!  Uggh so I had to wait until Thursday for Keith to bring it home for me.. So Ryder has been sick all week now its Friday. Last night he woke up coughing and gasping at the same time! It was scary!!  I hope he gets better soon!!

oh and my new pedicure!!!!

and my new shoes... well there not shoes there sandal slippers!!

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful toes! Sexy even! Touchabe, kissable ;)