Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stuff I LOVE

Here are a few things I love.  OH YEAH!!!
(Click on pic to make larger)

Bracelet and necklace from American eagle outfitters
My ring from my mom
All my make up (mainly Lancome)
D&G Perfume
Sprout watch
Little Russian doll
Thick Bracelet from Express ( I think)

What do you love? SHANNON


beeswax said...

I Love Shannon, Carl, Lili. I love my slippers and my sheets. I love my pink lipstick. I love all my family peeps. I love my computer and my car. I love my orange tree. I love my wool and possum gloves from NZ. and so much more.

Amanda said...

Hey!!! I love my family first and then I love buying new shoes! I love wearing dresses but its always too cold! I love cookies. I love dancing. I love lightning and thunder. I love diamonds!! I love wine! and I love my friends!!

Anna said...

I love: the great outdoors, classic rock, road trips, family, Girl Scout cookies, thinking, steak, getting pampered: haircuts, nails, etc.