Friday, February 11, 2011

Shell Jewelry Project

A few weeks ago I was at the thrift store and found an old key holder for $1! I thought whoo hoo what a score!  When I got it home I instantly knew what I would do with it, of course make it into a jewelry holder.
I was not sure how I would paint it until I was at the beach a week or so ago, and saw tons of little purple/pink shell.  I would make a shell mosaic on the wood key holder.

I used plain cheap white glue.
First I painted the front of the wood holder.  Once the paint dried I put the glue and shell on, easy stuff.

The end result is a pretty jewelry holder for my wall.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! -Shannon


Lacey said...

That is soo cute! I soo need something like that for my long necklaces. I just have them hanging off of nails haha

Mel's Cabin said...

What a neat idea for shells, I'd like to do something like that for tiny pebbles in Mel's Cabin ....humm...thanks Girls! Visit Mel's Cabin when your blog hopping.

shopannies said...

very pretty I love your idea another easy enough for me to make thanks