Saturday, February 5, 2011

The magic's in the paint can

I love to shop at thrift stores, you never know what unique items you might find and even just looking at all the junk is fun. Most of the home decorations I have are from thrift stores but almost everything I buy gets a fresh coat of paint. I've learned to look past an ugly design or funky color because you can pretty much cover anything. Here are a few things I have spray painted to fit into my house -

I got this table for $12. Spray paint, distressed and added a stencil.
This mirror is one of my favorite finds. Spray paint and glazed to show details.
I ordered the Cookies vinyl from Shelley at


Goodnight sun-

Cheese dome + a candle stick =
So long St. Patricks Day sign -
For this I covered the picture art with chalkboard spray paint, then covered the cork in fabric.
Have a great weekend!


Elisabeth said...

You're amazing! That stuff looks awesome- thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa said...

Those are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Home Made Quilts By Granny said...


Natalie Lord said...

These are beyond awesome! I love thrifting as well, wish I had more time to transform things though! Fab job!

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow! I love all your ideas! They look really nice. It's amazing what bargain finds and a little spray paint can become. Pamela

Amber @ Lucky Lees to Be ♥ said...

I found ya'll through the Blog Guidebook. I like to think of myself as a professional blog stalker lol, NOT the creepy kind, wow that sounded creepy sorry! I really enjoy your posts! I'm now following!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love that little quatrefoil table! so cute- and the mirror just below it is divine!
please don't forget to add my button to your party links in your sidebard. much appreciated!