Monday, February 7, 2011

Garando and Diamonds

When I first moved into the garage I wasn't really sure how to decorate it..or what to do with it really. I had no furniture to put in it. I had a measly double bed, a tiny desk, and an itty bitty tv stand. Thats it. So Nick and I (mostly Nick) started finding stuff on craigslist and shopping at Ikea. I eventually got a king size bed, a fridge, coffee table and more furniture to fill it up. Neither of us knew how to decorate so we asked his grandma,who used to own her own craft shop and did some interior decorating as a living, for help. She really transformed the place. She did most of her shopping at thrift stores and somehow made everything look like new! Her brother made this bar for me. He stained some really nice wood ( don't ask me what kind because I'll never remember haha) and built this really cool bar/table for the room. I went to Sears home furniture and got some nice bar stools for it.
I bought and built a shelf from Big Lots that I use to store all of my food in. I didn't know what to do with the extra space on top so I attempted to decorate something myself haha.
The theme of my room is black and white and the walls are tan. So when she decorated the room she pretty much used a lot of dark items to keep the theme going. After a while I've come to realize that although the room looks great, I am not a huge fan of this dark look! I like bright and cheery things. So I am slowly adding more color to the room. I bought a bunch of fake flowers from the Dollar Tree and made a few small bouquets to cheer up the place. This one is on my coffee table.

And this is whats under the coffee table.

Since the room doesn't have any storage besides a big closet without shelving or anything to store stuff in, we keep all of Nick's records under the coffee table. It doesn't look too bad since they are pretty hidden, and it makes it a lot easier to get to them when we want to play a record.

Here is another small bouquet I made for the table. I love the colors, they are so nice for spring.

If you have never heard of the website Groupon, it is a site where you type in the city you live in and they have daily deals for you to buy. Well, the store I work at had our first Groupon deal on Thursday, and the deal was you spend $4 and will get $8 worth of food. You had one day to buy the coupon, and then will have until August to actually use it. Well, we sold 2,000 of them. Since they went on sale on Thursday, customers were not able to use them until that Friday. On that Friday I was scheduled to work form 4 - 11 pm. We were SO busy I got called in to come to work at 3:25 and did not get to go home till 12:20--MIDNIGHT! I worked 9 hours with one measly 15 minute break. I was DEAD. We had a constant line out the door and around the corner for 4 straight hours. I came home in the worst mood ever with a bag full of Del Taco, to find Nick already in bed sleeping. So I ate my food in the dark, moody, and was ready to crawl into bed. When I was about to lay down Nick woke up and said something was on the coffee table for me. When I looked, this is what I found!!

The pictures do not do it ANY justice! It is soooooo sparkly and pretty I just love it! It is a promise ring, not an engagement ring. The thing is, is that he had already got me a really pretty ring for Christmas. It was the same shape, but with one band instead of two, and and middle was made of pink sapphires instead of diamonds. The only reason why he got me this new one was because the pink sapphires on the other ring became really dull and turned kind of purplish in only a month, so we were both disappointed. I had already picked out this new one to exchange it for, but I was shocked because I didn't know I would already be getting it since I still had my old ring on my hand when I came home to this one! He is so good with surprises!

And this is me: SO HAPPPPPYYYY. haha =)


Shannon Olson said...

I was going to freak out if that was an engagement ring hahhaha! I don't want to be the last one! You lucky girl what a pretty ring!

Lacey said...

hahah Shannon! You KNOW you're next! Sorry Kristen, you're last. I love the ring, cant wait to try it on

The Jimenez Family said...

omg what a sweet surprise, that ring is so pretty! that boy is a keeper!!=)

beeswax said...

What a great testimonial for Groupon! I was going to order a coupon from them, but was hesitant to put my credit card online (wish they used PayPal). It sure sounds like a great way to increase business and have new customers check you out.
So your hectic day turned out to be a special day after all. Beautiful ring, you lucky girl.