Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

So as everyone knows...or at least I figure everyone boyfriend, Nick, is a beer-collecting-holic. Not an alcoholic..just a collector of beer. He loves the science that goes into making beer, and how you can make it taste like so many different things. He knows whats good, whats not, and which ones are good for selling for extra cash. He is a member of two different breweries, and because of that he gets a lot of special and rare bottles for free. Well if you have seen my room lately you would know that all of those bottles have been collecting and sitting in the corner...and by bottles, I mean cases. And if you really know me, you know I was getting real tired of seeing ugly cardboard boxes stacking sky high to the ceiling. So to fix that, I finally got him to get a case for them! It is a cupboard, but kind of like a hutch, so you can still see some of the stuff that is in it (which he thinks is the absolute best thing in the world because now his beer is on display for everyone to see). I am so excited! I can finally keep it organized, clean, and most importantly hidden haha. Besides that, it just looks so much better.
There are actually a lot more bottles in the bottom half of the cabinet..but thankfully they are covered.

And since this is my first post, I thought I'd also throw in a few of my favorite things.
 1. Chocolate (seriously who doesn't have chocolate as a favorite thing?)
2. One of my weights, which is symbolizing the gym because it is one of my new favorite things to do, and also because it cancels out the chocolate I eat before I got to the gym haha.
3. Money, because I love to shop and buy things.
4. Scratchers, because they get me so excited and trick me into thinking I will become a thousandaire if I play.
5. My laptop because I just love having a computer I can use while laying in bed.
6. Gossip magazines
7. My boots, which symbolize a day off work and my closet full of clothes. Since I have a uniform I have to wear to work, it makes me love my days off 100x more so I can actually get dressed up and wear all my cute clothes I buy. :)
8. My medical microbiology book. Its really one of my least favorite things, but I put it on here anyways in hopes that it will become one of my favorite things and maybe I will learn to love school. (we'll see about that one)

And lastly, heres a picture of me from today.Talking to my dad on the phone while trying to figure out what I will be blogging about today. Don't mind the dirty fro, I just got home from work.

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beeswax said...

Love the poofy hair, seriously cute. Funny I keep china and crystal in my china cabinet, I think I'd rather be looking at beer and maybe some Tequila bottles, too.