Monday, January 31, 2011

Ryder and the Training Wheels

Hello again!! So first thing first we had to give Capone (the dog) back!!!  He was just too much for a little apartment. The old owners decided to keep him now so I'm happy with that!  There was no way that I could walk that dog all day everyday he needs a yard!!  Goodbye Capone!!

It was such nice weather at my mom's house it was a good thing we brought Ryder's bike!!  She has a good size back yard so we let Ryder have at it on his bike, well as much as he could!  What we didn't realize was that the grassy/dirt back yard has small size holes or dirt pits.  Ryder's bike has training wheels still so he would be going along good for a few seconds and get stuck.  His training wheels were getting stuck on the high ground so as fast as he would pedal the main wheel just kept spinning and he wouldn't go anywhere!!! After a few good laughs from us and a few good meltdowns from Ryder we decided to TRY to do it without training wheels!!  So Keith and i traded off holding him up so he could feel how to balance.

I think this made the dogs pretty happy! lol!!  

Well it didn't last very long he was soon in tears mad at his bike making sure his training wheels got put back on!  So next time we decided to just take him to a park with sidewalks!!  

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