Monday, January 24, 2011

Capone The Dog

Surprise!!!  We got a dog!!! 

So my mom's friend had a friend who couldn't keep their 5 month old doberman puppy anymore.  I was debating whether or not to tell my husband about it, knowing this is his favorite breed. I obviously told him ( I waited 3 days to tell him tho!) and he went to get it that second!!  My husband is very impulsive when he thinks he needs something lol he doesn't put much thought into anything else.  So now we are here with Capone the red dog. 

The deal was that if we get this dog Keith has to take him up to Ventura during the week, because he goes to school there.  Well its Monday now and unfortunately neither Keith nor the dog have made it to Venture yet.... Keith got sick in the middle of the night last night and is still sleeping. So I was up at 630am (I'm not a morning person so this is kinda a big deal!) to take Capone for a good walk/ jog. I think later today we will all end up at my moms in Ventura, not sure when I'll be back, but I miss my mom so it's a good excuse to get up there! 

Capone is a really good dog thank god!!!   He's at least 40 lbs right now and growing.  He thinks he's a lap dog and just wants to cuddle and sleep all the time.  He came to us already potty trained which is perfect since I have no idea how that works!  Ive taken him to the doggie beach and he loves other dogs, all tho he gets a little nervous when the giant dogs come charging at him full speed to say hi!  Ryder (my little boy) is kinda funny, he likes that we have a dog but it seems like he is kinda jealous and competing for attention now lol!  So I guess I'll be getting a lot more cardio everyday!! 

See ya later Amanda!

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beeswax said...

You thought a child was work... A dog is a huge responsibility, especially a puppy. Cute dog though.