Saturday, January 22, 2011

California Girls

This blog is about four cousins who all have very different lives and personalities, but who also have a lot in common.  We all love to laugh and have a good time and we plan to use this blog to post about what each of us do, funny stories, and interesting events that happen daily.

All of us were born blond and raised in sunny southern California.

From left to right Lacey, Kristen, Shannon & Amanda

From left to right Kristen, Amanda, Lacey, & Shannon

Above Shannon, Amanda, & Lacey, 4th of July 2009

Above Kristen and Shannon, Maui trip 2007
Above Lacey, Kristen, and Shannon
We are fashion models in the making!

Lacey and Shannon, Showing off our hula hoop skills.
Above : 2010 Girls Trip to San Diego

Above Shannon, Amanda, and Lacey Guessing Around age 3 years

Click on our name tabs at the top of the page to read about each of us =)


beeswax said...

I'm going to follow you girls.
Love, Mom/Aunt

Mel said...

I'm going to follow you girls too!!

Mel (friend/stranger but not a weirdo!!!)

beeswax said...

I'm looking at the blog again. I really miss you girls being little. I can't believe that 2 of you have kids that age already. So cute and fun. Enjoy, it really goes fast.

archives said...

you guys are all too cute! :D

Girls Gone Bloggin' said...

Thanks everyone for posting on the new blog I hope we can keep you entertained!