Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CA v.s. NZ

Hello everyone its Shannon!

I thought I would start my first entry with what it is like to live in Auckland NZ after growing up till the age of 25 living in CA.


The first thing that I found amazing about being in NZ is everyone asks you where you are from, because suddenly you have an accent!  It is really weird to be thought of as the girl with the accent because to me everyone in NZ has an accent.

There is also a lot of slang that is used in NZ that is not used in CA.
Choice = Cool or awesome
Sweet as = totally awesome
Mean = cool of bitchen’
Heaps = Lots
Keen = your keen if you really like something
Cheers = Thank you
Ta = Thank you
Kia Ora = Hello
Good day mate = Hey there
I reckon = agreeing with someone
Knickers = girls underwear
The boot = The trunk of your car
Bonnet = The hood of your car
Ute = van
Trolley = Grocery kart
Cardigan = sweater
Wind screen = car wind shield
Rubbish = trash
Tea = lunch or dinner
And many many more…

In CA it feels like it never rains and in NZ it feels like it rains all the time.
In NZ the seasons are the opposite of CA
Summer = Dec to Feb  
Autumn = March to May
Winter = June to August  
Spring = Sept to Nov

NZ Winter (with the rain and wind it feels very cold)
Ave. high: 14.7°C (58°F)
Ave. low: 8.0°C (46°F)
Ave. rain days per month: 13
NZ Summer (in the sun with the humidity it feels really hot)
Ave. high: 23.8°C (75°F)
Ave. low: 16.4°C (61°F)
Ave. rain days per month: 10

In California the weather is mostly sunny
with an average of only 35 days with rain per year.

In Winter the average temperature is 59-73 F
In Summer the average temperature is 79 to 90 F

Los Angeles which is the area I am from has 3.83 million people and CA has 37,253,956 people.

Auckland where I live now has 1.3 million people and NZ as a whole country has 4,327,401 people.  There are more sheep than people in NZ, about ten sheep per person, so there are about 4 million people and 40 million sheep!! Hahahhaa

In CA we drive on the right side of the road.
We use stop signs and all streets are clearly marked.

In NZ we drive on the left side of the road.  Instead of stop signs there are round abouts and give way signs (yield signs).

In NZ everything is expensive because it all has to be imported or specially made here.
In CA everything is cheap because it is bought in bulk and always on sale.


In NZ you can get a whole beach to your self, heck you could even lay out naked if you wanted because no one will see you!
In CA you would be lucky to ever find yourself on a beach without another human being!

There are so many differences that I could never name them all!

I think both countries are great, they both have their perks and drawbacks. 
You could catch me on any given day saying I miss CA so much I want to get on a plane right now and go home, but on the flip side you could catch me saying I love the beauty of NZ so much I never want to leave!

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beeswax said...

Nice comparisons, very informative, especially for those who have not visited New Zealand, and visa-versa. You'll just have to live in both countries.